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If you are interested in reading and want to know any country culture, travel news; then I request you guys to take a look to my new creation.

I have made a website, its daily get updated with news and media. I place every part of Germany there.

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Perfect Sketch for Valentine Day


I like this image on Valentine Day. So, I think I must share this image with you all.

Hope you all Like it.

Perfect Sketch for Valentine Day

Unique Architectural Ring

Unique Architectural Ring

Meet Philippe Tournaire, a jeweler who connects the world of stones and precious metals with the history of art, science and architecture.
Philippe wanted to understand the world before devoting himself to the sculpture of noble metals, so each time he went to Paris, he spent long hours at the Musée de l’Homme, on the place du Trocadéro. His great fascination for jewelry in its most basic form led him to wonder how the first humans managed to create objects using primitive methods and how they could turn them into fineries and other jewelry ornamentations. This passion fed his imagination, and inspired more creativity to his work.
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