World's Longest Bridge, China

World's Longest Bridge, China

Donghai Bridge, China

Length= 22 Miles

On 2 May 2008, A new 22-mile bridge -- which breaks the previous record of 20.2 miles set by another Chinese bridge -- will provide a faster road connection between the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Ningbo.

The 20.2-mile Donghai Bridge had been the previous longest sea-crossing structure, linking Shanghai to the Yangshan deep water port."

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Anonymous said...

Try getting the facts, China has touted the longest bridge when they had a 20 mile bridge too now they claim this 22.3 mile stretch although it is a nice looking bridge it just isn't true (I can post so many links it's ridiculous)...

Here in Metarie near New Orleans we have a bridge that spans 23.87 miles