Wildlife Animals: This Lion is Hungry.

A lion managed to go hungry after the waterbuck it had cornered managed to give it the slip. The missed opportunity can be blamed on the lion's scaredy-cat attitude. After stumbling across the male waterbuck knee-deep in a lake in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, the lion spent a few perplexed moments studying its potential prey. Finally deciding to make a move, the lion extended a tentative paw towards the large horned creature...

Wildlife Animals: Pangolin

A newborn confiscated baby pangolin clings onto its mother inside a cage during a press conference in Bangkok.

Wildlife Animals: Two Eagle Fights

Ray says: "I am lucky because the Nooksack is a river local to me. A run of chum salmon come to spawn and eagles feed on the spawned out salmon, which makes for an amazing spectacle. When the eagles come to feed it can be a very frenzied scene. They will fight with the other birds, feed, take off and then return for more. It can be very hard to keep up with the action."

Wildlife Animals: Birds Fight

Two birds fight near the village of Jelawar in the Arghandab Valley north of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Wildlife Animals: Black Bear Cub

Staff at a nature reserve in China are hand-rearing two newborn black bear cubs after they were abandoned by their mother. Director Yang Jingyuan said: "Mother bears usually have a strong protection sense and they don't abandon their babies. It's possible that the mother bear was scared away or abandoned the two cubs as they are too weak." 

Wildlife Animals: Polar Bear Twins

Polar bear twins Aleut and Gregor are fed by their mother Vera at the animal park in Nuremberg, Germany.

Wildlife Animals: White Lion Cub

A three-day-old white lion cub sleeps in Belgrade Zoo, Serbia.

Wildlife Animals: Siberian Tigers

Three newly-born Siberian tigers crawl near their mother in the zoo in Skopje, Macedonia. One of baby tigers has been named Putin.

Wildlife Animals: Raccoons

Police found six two-week-old raccoons in a fireplace in a house in Frankfurt, Germany. The baby raccoons are pictured at a breeding station in Frankfurt. 

Wildlife Animals: White Bengal Tigers

Four white Bengal tiger cubs are held by zoo keepers at the Safari-Park Stukenbrock in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany. The rare cubs were born on Valentine's day.