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Amazing Street Painting Photos Part-II

Amazing Street Painting Photos Part-I

The Space Flight To The Moon

This historic event took place forty years ago. This is the first time in history that Apollo 11 spacecraft left the Earth and landed on the Moon. This is when the man put his foot on the moon for the first time. Inside the post you will see stunning images of this important event

The year was 1969 and the United States was determined to be the first nation to successfully land on and explore the moon’s surface.

An estimated 600 million viewers were glued to their television sets to witness Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins make this historical journey.

On July 16, 1969, these three courageous astronauts blasted off in the spacecraft Apollo 11. They traveled through space for four days before they neared the surface of the moon.

Most Terrifying Examples Of Global Warming

There is little doubt that the effects of global warming on our planet are already visible – in the last century the average temperature has risen around 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.6 Celsius) – but the greatest single danger, scientists warn, is that global warming will cause a dramatic rise in sea levels,

 flooding the world’s most powerful cities under a catastrophic deluge. Environmental Graffiti has decided to take a look at the apocalypse humanity might be facing…

These terrifying pictures illustrate the global deluge that threatens to engulf large sections of the world as a result of unchecked climate change. Huge swathes of development could be submerged, including much of the US eastern seaboard and southern UK.

The effect of such a deluge will be to drown some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks: the Statue of Liberty in New York, Tower Bridge in London, Tokyo’s vivid neon lights – all could potentially be swept away by a flood caused by pollution of the Earth’s atmosphere.





Leaf Carving Art

These amazing pictures show incredibly detailed portraits and pictures, all created out of single leaves. It takes an an incredibly complicated process of almost 60 steps to create the miniature masterpieces Skilled artists spend up to a week working on the incredible creations, which can even be customised to show your own face

Leaf Art originated in China and is a rapidly-growing craze around the world. Dean Prator, 55, President of Leaf Carving Art in California says that people are amazed when they come across the beautiful designs "I have personally shown these leaves to art galleries and once people actually see and feel the quality of this product, they are simply in awe..."

"...People always ask if the leaf is from a real tree and are stunned at how the images are engraved into the individual leaves. When they find out they are handcarved they are often surprised that someone could be that skilled"
Creating the finished product is an extremely complicated process. It takes about 60 steps from start to finish. But the four most basic steps are drying, curing, shaving and pressing of the leaves

The outer surface of the leaf is then removed with specially hand crafted tools, leaving the vein of the leaf intact, which add detail to the subject matter. The artist then meticulously carves an image on the leaf by hand
The finished product is as soft as silk and the leaves are generally eight to ten inches in size. It takes a few days to carve each leaf. but a personal photo, or a customised design can take up to a week for skilled artists to complete.



Unbelieveable Fire Dancing

Fire Dancing is made of a number of beautiful arts, many of which are fire twirling. In short, anything you can light on fire, you can fire dance with! That said, we do not condone arson, or igniting the household cat for a fire dancing duo! Some of the more popular fire dancing arts are:

Fire eating (sometimes called Fire Swallowing) is a lovely compliment to the intimate fire dance. It involves extinguishing a flame by suffocating it inside one's mouth. Instruments used to fire eat usually include small fire eating 'skewers', fire fingers, sometimes even small fire staff wicks. Again, we strongly recommend professional guidance in order to ensure your safety if learning to fire eat.

The arts of fire dancing are best learned with non-fire equipment. In many cases, these non-fire forms of dance are arts unto them selves such as poi spinning and staff twirling. However, dancing with fire is best taught first-hand by a professional in order that we become competent in fire dancing and develop a safe fire dancing ethic.

 Each fire dancing art should be learned separately, and fire dancing moves should be practiced largely without fire so as to perfect movements and stunts that will be dangerous with a live light.