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Amazing Air Balloons

Wildlife World: Rhino

A rare black rhino confronts park rangers at the Nairobi National Park by ramming their 4x4 jeep. Photographer Paolo Torchio witnessed the incident from a safe distance. The injured animal charged at the jeep just as the vet managed to shoot a dart at the animal before leaving the scene. The rangers later returned to the sedated animal where it was treated.

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Wildlife World: Orangutan

Nonja the artistic orangutan has been given oversized Lego blocks by her keepers to help her get over a creative block. The talented ape - who celebrated her 35th birthday this week at Austria's Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna - has tried painting and photography in the past. "Now we are trying to get her to think in three dimensions and this giant Lego is an introduction to sculpture," explained one keeper. Zoo director Dagmar Schratter added: "They were an early birthday present and she's having lots of fun with them." Previously Nonja has tried her hand at painting with her canvases fetching nearly £2,000 at auction.

Wildlife World: Smallest Horse

Einstein, the world's smallest horse, visits Good Morning America in Times Square, New York, with owner Charlie Cantrell and Dr Rachel Wagner.

Wildlife World: Dolphin

A trainer plays with a female orca named Wikie and her one-month-old calf at Marineland in the French Riviera city of Antibes.

Wildlife World: Elephant

Elephants are trying their trunks at painting. Part of the Perth Zoo's April school holiday programme includes an art demonstration with a difference using elephants as artists. Using their trunks, the spraypainting pachyderms create unique works from vegetable and water-based paint.

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