Unbelieveable Fire Dancing

Fire Dancing is made of a number of beautiful arts, many of which are fire twirling. In short, anything you can light on fire, you can fire dance with! That said, we do not condone arson, or igniting the household cat for a fire dancing duo! Some of the more popular fire dancing arts are:

Fire eating (sometimes called Fire Swallowing) is a lovely compliment to the intimate fire dance. It involves extinguishing a flame by suffocating it inside one's mouth. Instruments used to fire eat usually include small fire eating 'skewers', fire fingers, sometimes even small fire staff wicks. Again, we strongly recommend professional guidance in order to ensure your safety if learning to fire eat.

The arts of fire dancing are best learned with non-fire equipment. In many cases, these non-fire forms of dance are arts unto them selves such as poi spinning and staff twirling. However, dancing with fire is best taught first-hand by a professional in order that we become competent in fire dancing and develop a safe fire dancing ethic.

 Each fire dancing art should be learned separately, and fire dancing moves should be practiced largely without fire so as to perfect movements and stunts that will be dangerous with a live light.






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